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FUE technique

Hair transplantation with FUE technique

Painless maximum hair transplant

DHI Implantation Method

Choi Implanter Pen

DHI – Direct Hair Implant is known among the people as CHOİ , Implanter Pen technique.
The reason for this is that as the name suggests it looks like a pen.

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At the First Hair Clinic, our professional medical teams try their best to deliver the best services and care for our patients before and after the hair transplantation operation.

During the past 8 years 19,280 people had their hair transplantation done in our clinic which changed their lives for the best.

Be one of them!

DHI – Direct HairImplant is known among the people as CHOİ , Implanter Pen technique. The reason for this is that as the name suggests it looks like a pen.

FUE (Follicular Unite Extraction) is the most developed, effective and advanced method among hair transplantation method.

Increasing demand for hair transplantation taking place each passing day and new technique is created for each stage.

About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant operation can be a very tense process both for men and women since it takes time to start showing results and requires much patience.
If you're willing to do a hair transplant, one of the first things you're ought to do before going through with the operation is a proper research about hair transplant in general to know what to expect and what factors may affect the success of the results of the transplant.
As an example, you must be aware of that you might have to shave your head before the operation. This head shave is generally necessary before the operation and while many men or women do not give up their willing for doing the hair transplant for this reason, this is not always the case as some people would change their mind once they learn about the head shaving part.

The instructions and requirements that will be needed later in hair transplantation are important. If you follow them in the strictest way, your hair will be regrown as its original state. It is especially important to not forget to do daily care routines and washes. Neglecting the necessity of continuous care would cause the whole operation to fail. Since the results take up to 6 months or a year to appear, a long term of wait and patience is required.

Is it possible to do hair transplant without shaving?

Unshaved hair transplantation is possible but in certain conditions. It is possible to perform unshaved hair transplantation for men and women in the region called the golf region (shown below) on the front of the head.

Detailed information would be provided by the contact page or by reaching us at our call center.

Why you should consider First Hair Clinic?

Hotel & Accommodations

All of our patients will be accommodated in 5 star hotels for their stay.

Post Operation Follow Ups

All patients would be looked after for the first couple of days after the operation and would be contacted later on for further follow ups until the patient gets his final result.

The Latest Technology

Operations at our clinic are done by the latest technologies in the sector which increases their success rates up to 99%.

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