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In recent years, we can see as a result of understanding  hair transplantation, many people have addressed  to hair transplantation centers to solve the problems in their hair. Especiallay in recent years, many hair transplant clinics started hair transplan service. Together with this a new type of   transplantation emerged that called beard transplant / cultivation.This could be the same logic with hair transplant but has different characteristics. Generally there is difference  between hair and beard bristle / hair. While beard bristle /hair is hard due to shaving very often / regularly and its natural position, hair used during hair transplantation is usually more delicate than beard. For getting more positive results and natural looking  in beard transplantation, address to our clinic or use call me button.

Persons who have thin beard, wound and burnt scars on the beard or due to various reasons wish to have beard transplantation already get a positive result having beard transplantation. First of all, it is very important planning for beard transplantation and should be determined how much beard would be transplanted in advance. However, with the shape of face it is determined what parts of face beard will be transplanted and in regards to drawing face map.

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