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The DHI Implantation Method or Choi Implanter Pen


DHI – ( Direct Hair Implant ) Hair Transplant 

DHI – Direct Hair Implant is known among the people as CHOİ , Implanter Pen technique. The reason for this is that as the name suggests it looks like a pen.

What Are The Advantages of DHI Technique?

One of the features of this technique we known, with the classic FUE technique hair transplant, the grafts are taken from the donor area and during this time  the channels for the grafts are opened and have to exposed minimum 2 hours and the life qulity was under risk.

Ih the DHI method, the grafts are taken from the donor area  transmit the harvested grafts into the implanter pen with the help of the piston inside and  implant directly in the recipient area without opening any canals (holes) according to the direction and angle of the current hair of the patient.You can review the images below.


Aafter determining the structure and size of the hair follicles, between 0.74 mm and 1.14 mm taken from the donor area with FUE device are placed in implanter pen with the special  tip sharp needles.

Afterwards, the filled medical pens taken to the empty area of ​​the head at 45 degree angle and the grafts are placed back to the empty area by the help of the piston in the upper part of the pen.


  • Operation time consuming
  • Graft quality of life is maximized since grafts are in short contact with air.
  • DHI method is performed without the need of creating channel incisions in the donor area, less bleeding, no trace of operation and grooving is shorter.

·       The DHI technique provides a more frequent and natural look

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