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Women Hair Transplant

It is one of the most important features feeling  good about our social environment and ourselves.
We humans  are social beings has spent a lot time  with their loved ones throughout the years.Thus, social roles as men and women are separated and distributed equally.

However, many men experience hair loss from time to time due to various diseases, medicines or genetic factors. This condition causes the person to feel unwell and away from the social environment.Even though there are cases such as fear of disbelief and self-confidence, it may be the case for men and women. However, it can be considered as an advantage of women that they can cover the spilled areas of the scalp with their long hair but it has also disadvantages.Womens'  hair structues have fast and long elogation features.It may be thought  that hair transplantation is not necessary but hair loss can be caused by various diseases, stress, mid-season or women's pregnancy or menopause periods. There are some special hair transplantation methods that prevent hair loss.Due to some external factors women may need hair transplantation. Women who suffer hair loss due to surgery including burningscarring from accidents, and chemical burns gennerally applie for hair transplantation


Of course, the women can have hair transplantation. Because hair is almost the same characteristics for both genders. In general, if the men are not  interested grow to a considerable length , the hair remains short and elongation takes time.
In women, genetically, hair becomes quite long and grows fast. Thus, hair transplantation easily can be transplanted. Women, however, as in men,  the front part of their hair is quite suitabel for sedding.For this reason hair transplantation is one of the most rapidly evolving method increasing rapidly among the people.In general, it is not always possible  to grow the hair with the genetic factors, which is supposed  contributed in classical shampoos or herbal methods.

Therefore hair transplantation can be transplanted always.

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