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Hair Transplant Operation is very stressful espepcially  for both men and women. The reason for this, of course the expactation what will they meet.The first thing have to make proper research as well as to get informed some factors. As an example, this is the necessity to shave hair. A lot of people who want to have a hair transplant, although they want to regain their hair, the shaving process during the operation of hair transplantation force them to postpone the operation. However, it is generally necessary to make such a shave before the hair transplantation process. In hair transplantation the criteria and requirements that will be applied later are important.You have to follow all the instructions by your doctor otherwise you hair will back to old. It is very important do not  forget to do controls and washings. If the instructions not followed completely,  the patient  will meet failure and  entire operation will be under risk. It may take around 6 to 12 months to see the final outcome of hair growth and the patient must have  patience for getting positive results .


One of the common questions asked by patients, hair transplant can be performed without shaving the head. Unshaved hair translant is possible in some circumstances. Thus  performing  unshaved hair transplantation for men and women in the region called the golf region (see below) on the front of the head. For more  information contact page  or call me selection.

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